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Tired of the Same Old Team Building Activities?

Team building activities have many benefits, including providing the opportunity for team members to bond, get to know each other, and offer a variety of insights to managers. By investing in a day of team building a few times each year, companies can improve the dynamics of the workplace and increase productivity and employee satisfaction.

Escape Room 831 at 599 Lighthouse Ave in Monterey has five, 60-minute escape rooms to choose from for your team-building activities, including Alice’s Dream based on Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland”; Spell Bound centered around a cursed cottage deep in a remote forest; Room 745 featuring a crime in the Grand Hotel; Sherlock’s Study for a whodunit mystery; Masquerade Manor, featuring a crime at a masquerade ball; and Bank Heist (coming soon), with its theme of an employee team gone bad.

How Your Team Can Benefit From Escape Room Team Building


In the article, “How Your Team Can Benefit From Escape Room Team Building” by Kristine Atri on, she writes that escape rooms have become popular for companies, not only to engage employees and work toward common goals, but to also identify weaknesses and disruptive employees and to see who is well-equipped for conflict resolution.

“Everyone deals with conflict in their own way. Escape room team building lets managers and the companies see how departmental members handle conflict,” she writes. “Conflict resolution can be tough to determine on the job. Often, members are trusted to do their part and then left alone. That makes their abilities and conflict resolution style difficult to assess, especially if there is no paper trail. During an escape room team-building exercise, members come face-to-face. Everyone gets to see how everyone else deals with conflict. This information is valuable for company managers.

She writes that the bottom line is that escape rooms are not only effective for team-building, but also a lot of fun!

“Every now and then, it’s important that companies take a break and let their employees have a little fun. A company lunch or dinner is nice. Escape room team building is better,” she writes. “Escape room team building lets employees practice work-related skills while having fun. Escape rooms are a valuable tool for companies that want to assess their employees, grow their skills, and engage them.”

Ready to increase productivity, improve communication, motivate your employees and develop problem-solving skills for your team? Book a room at Escape Room 831 here.


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