To our players:

The Monterey County Health Department continues to follow the State of California’s Blueprint for a Safer Economy and moved to the Red Tier. This is effective, March 17, 2021. Escape Room 831 will continue to align with the State and County frameworks to allow activities to open in Red Tier counties. Monterey County residents have shown continued commitment to wearing masks, social distancing, and staying outdoors as much as possible when interacting outside of their household. These actions make a difference. We have been working diligently with City, County, and State officials to provide the safest possible environment for you. All necessary protocols for everyone’s safety is being followed and abided by. All availability we currently have can be found under the “Book Now” tab on our website.

There are some conditions that must be met when playing with us.

  • You must wear a mask at all times inside of our building.
  • You must maintain social distance from our Game Masters and you must wash your hands and/or sanitize upon arrival.
  • If you have been ill or felt sick anytime in the last 10 days – please cancel your reservation.

There are NO exceptions or discussions about these requests. If you have cannot agree to these simple requests, please do not book a game.

If you’d like to play some games at home you can visit our online store.   Go to and you can order escape games to play at home. They are affordable and we can meet you at the store to pick them up, or if you live close enough, we’ll bring them by.  We, of course, will wear a mask and maintain social distancing principles while dropping them off.

If you’d like to continue to support a local, family-owned business in the meantime, please consider purchasing a gift certificate.  They are available on our website – Gift certificates don’t expire and can be used at anytime for a gift or future booking. 

Lastly – you can take advantage of some of the great in-home games from our friends at The Escape Game.  If you click here  and order either of these games you’ll help keep games alive during this crazy time.  Oh…and the games are super fun.  

Thank you for understanding.  If you need to reach us, email or call.

Email –

Phone – 831.241.6616

Looking forward to our next games together! Stay safe and we’ll talk soon.

Sincerely, Christina & Barrie

Best Escape Room in Monterey

You have 60 minutes ... what will you do???

Do You Have What It Takes to Escape Before Time Runs Out?

Imagine being closed in a room with a half a dozen other people and you’re given just one hour to figure out — through clues, codes and suggestions scattered throughout the room — to solve a murder.

Change the scenario to a bank heist, a murder mystery, a jewel caper, a prison, pirate ship, a space station, and much more, and you have one of the hottest trends in interactive or immersive entertainment — Escape Rooms. They’re based on escape-the-room video and online games, as if the classic board game “Clue” became a live-action game you play with others in real locations.

And now Monterey has its own version —  Exodus Escape Room on Cannery Row and Escape Room 831 on Lighthouse Avenue — founded by entrepreneurs Christina and Barrie Riddoch of Monterey.

Seven Mysteries to Solve … 60 minutes.

Alice's Dream

You are invited to an insanely important event…
Immerse yourself in the magical world of books about Alice.  You’ve come to a hotel located in the former house of Lewis Carroll, author of Alice’s many adventures.  It’s late.  You’re tired.  Make sure to catch the tail of the white rabbit and think about how you’ll get out once you climb into the hole.






Spell Bound

You are standing in the Village of Riverside…
When Riverside was founded, the settlers discovered a woman living alone in the woods. They believe that she was a witch, stormed her cottage, and cast her from the village. Try as they might they were never able to destroy her cottage, and it stands to this day. None who have dared to enter have returned. Can you break the witch’s curse?




(Not Recommended for Children Under 16)

Room 745

It is 1974 and famous hotel critic, Will Smith, is traveling the world and reviewing hotels.

Upon his return to The Grand Hotel, things go tragically wrong.  Something devious is afoot and you need to jump in to help solve the crime.  Mobile only – minimum 20 players.








Time Machine

Dr. Burstein took a revolutionary energy project and turned it into a tool of global destruction.
You can still stop him. The files that hold all the secrets need to be destroyed.  Find them. Destroy them!






It’s Employee Appreciation Day, a perfect day to rob the bank.
The tunnel collapsed and the team leader is stuck outside. You’ll have to get in and steal as much loot as possible before the team returns.








The Gate

A mysterious door to an Egyptian tomb has been unearthed…
The door that has been discovered is a gateway to a curse that will unleash darkness upon the world. A top secret military department has built a device around The Gate to protect the world from the powers that lie beyond its threshold. With every minute that passes by, the device grows weaker as the curse becomes stronger. We must finally put the curse to rest. 


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The Terminal

You are a maintenance crew called to save the New York City subway underground…
A rogue security guard has ensured chaos on the subway lines all over Manhattan. A runaway subway train is careening at full speed towards the Brooklyn Terminal. Your objective is to restore power to The Terminal and stop the train from derailing. You have one hour before the train reaches the curve and only the remote shut off button can stop it. Can you pull it together and save everyone on the train?


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You and your crew have been captured on a docked submarine in enemy territory…
A self destruction sequence has been activated along with traps left by the mad assailants. You have one hour to disarm the nuclear vessel and escape in time with your entire crew or pay the consequences.


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The game is fun, clever and engaging


From the storyline, the puzzles, the décor to the amazing surprises, we were simply amazed


This was my very first escape room experience and it was truly outstanding!


I would definitely do another room here...


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