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What to Do When Your Favorite Escape Room is Closed Due to the Pandemic?

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Visit Our New Online Store to Order an Escape Room Video Game!

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Are you missing your regular visits to our two escape rooms? Or are you a newbie who has always wanted to take in an escape room experience, and was thwarted by the emergency Shelter-in-Place orders? Or, are you an escape room fan who is tiring of all the video games you’ve played over and over at home while sheltering?

We have a solution for you! For the first time ever, we have established a store on our website where you can order and play escape room board games. We now have games and puzzles that you can play at home. You can find all our games at Read More

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Escape Rooms are Perfect for Family Time After Shelter in Place Is Lifted

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We were talking to one of our friends the other day and he was mentioning something that at first was strange to us.

He said, “As weird as all of this sheltering has been, I’ve really enjoyed the extra time with my family. Normally we are all just consumed with our own ’stuff’ and getting onto our next thing, but now we are spending time with each other, playing games, and putting down our electronics to really enjoy each other’s company. I hope that doesn’t end.” Read More

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What To Expect On Your First Escape Room Adventure

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There are more than 2,000 escape rooms across the country (and two in Monterey County!). It’s fast becoming a popular thing to do for families, friends, co-workers and for company team-building exercises. Even if you’ve never been to one, you’ve probably heard of them or one of your friends talking about them.

If you’re considering doing your first escape room, there are a few things you should know before going on an escape room adventure. Read More

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Why You Struggle To Escape Escape-Rooms

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Not everyone is cut out to play in an escape room. Some people keep going back, but still can’t get the knack. If you’re that one person on your team that struggles (hint: you’re most likely not the only one on a team that struggles, some just hide it better), there may be some good (or at least practical) reasons you’re struggling.

Here are eight reasons why you may be struggling to escape from escape rooms — and don’t take it personally, some people can’t play the guitar or master the intricacies of chess or figure out the Dewey Decimal System (Google it!). Read More