EscapeRoom831 FAQ

Are reservations required? Yes. We are asking that everyone take advantage of the website to book their game. Click on “Book Now,” select the location, select your game, and then pick the time. Doing this minimizes the traffic in the store and helps keep the schedule on time.

Can I cancel or reschedule my reservation?  Escape rooms are live action events, as such, all tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE. Please only book for the number of players you are SURE are attending. Any additional players can be added at the door. If you need to reschedule your reservation, please contact us72 hours ahead and we will do our best to accommodate you. That request must be submitted via email. If it is under 72 hours we will do our best to provide another time or day for your game. Please keep in mind we have limited inventory and moving a game the same day reduces our ability to operate successfully. If we are able to move your game then we will do so, and that is only once. You CANNOT move your game out a week and then submit a request for cancellation. All accounts are marked so we can track their activity.

It’s the day of my game, can I make a change?  We try to be as flexible as possible, and we have a limited inventory. You have purchased a slot which means you’ve prevented anyone else from purchasing that slot. If you are requesting a change that day of, we may not be able to resell the slot and that affects our operational expenses. If you are requesting an adjustment on game day, there is a $50 charge. If we can resell your time, we will refund that charge, otherwise, please purchase the time that works best for you.

How much is an escape room?   We charge per person. We offer tiered pricing so the cost will be determined by the number of players. Pricing starts at $45 per person and goes as low as $30 per person. You can see all the pricing tiers by changing the number of players during checkout. If you are not confident that your entire group will show up please book the minimum amount of players you anticipate arriving. Anybody who is on the fence or decides at the last minute can be added at the door. This is a non-refundable live event, we do not offer refunds for tickets that are not used. Failure of your party to show up is not a problem we can solve. We are staffing based on the booking you make, to show up the day of your game and expect a refund for players that haven’t shown up isn’t fair to us as a small business. Think of it like a concert. If you buy 7 tickets and 4 people don’t show up, The Bee Gees aren’t refunding those 4 seats. If you have a large corporate event (25+ people) give us a call and we can tell you about our Group Rates!

What if I have a lot of friends? That’s great!  Each room has a maximum number of players to keep the fun peaked during your game time.  Check the room descriptions or booking area to figure out the maximum number of players.  The more the merrier.

What if I only want to be with my friends? That is a private booking and that is how we do it now.  Because of our flexible pricing schedule, just book the number of spaces you need and you’ll be playing a private game. Due to the recent pandemic, all rooms are private.

Can children participate? Children are our favorite players! They always have a blast. We recommend kids 6+ for any of our games. Kids under 6 are free. Our Game Masters are skilled in customizing the escape experience for all age groups. A parent/guardian will need to sign a waiver on behalf of any minor prior to entry.

Can I bring my co-workers? Absolutely.  Make your after-work activities something unique and fun by booking an escape room. Just keep in mind that you have to know each other and be comfortable with being in a closed space together.

How long is a game? Games are a maximum of 60 minutes.  You may solve everything and get out sooner.  You may not make it out in time.  For the overall experience you should plan on a minimum of 90 minutes with us.

What if we don’t win? We won’t tell anyone.  Winning is arbitrary in our world.  This is about having fun.  You do have two paths.  One – we can tell you how far you had to go and what was left.  Two – you can decide you want it to remain mysterious and come back and play again.  Yes…people do play again.

What should I wear? Be comfortable. You aren’t doing any strenuous activity, and you should be comfortable for the time you are with us.  We do have one small ask, leave the high heels at home.  Some of our floors are soft and the heels cut right through them.

When should we arrive? Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your start time.  We have parking and staying on schedule is important.  Arriving late could impact other players or require us to cut short your overall game time.

What happens if we’re late? Think of this like buying movie tickets.  We have a certain number of shows that we can run in a day.  To make our schedule work we need to run everything on time.  We ask that you arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled game time.  If you are late that can mean you lose time off your game.  You may also have to forfeit your entire game time and your game fee.

Playing with other people? Not anymore. Due to the recent global pandemic, all rooms have been made private. You’ll only play with family or friends.

Playing with our animals? Yes, we do advertise ourselves as dog friendly. We love dogs (sorry to the other animals)! We do, however, ask that you respect other people in the facility. There are allergies, phobias, and hygiene concerns that we need to address from a broader customer base. Understand if we ask that Fido stay in the car. We can all do our little part to make this one work. If Fido is okay, they can hang out in our control room.

I’m claustrophobic…Don’t worry. We never lock the door. While the escape game builds on the belief of being locked in a room, we are here to have fun. If you need to leave, just step back through the door you entered in initially. We don’t stop the clock, and you can take all the time you need to refresh.

Are the escape rooms scary? We are family friendly.  The escape rooms are not meant to be scary in any way. Music and lighting, however, contribute to immersion during the game. If your child is especially sensitive to music or lights we recommend you decide how they’ll handle it. Our doors are always unlocked if you child would like to exit the game at anytime. Spellbound and The Gate, can be a little scary so keep that in mind when booking.  Overall – children younger than 9 may not understand the narratives of the story, but they’ll totally get the game. If you are unsure, give us a call and we can chat about it.

How old do we have to be? Any player under 16 needs to be accompanied by an adult.  There are no exceptions to that rule. We love playing games with everyone, and we appreciate having you manage the kids.

Do you do birthday parties? Yes.  Here are some things you want to think about.  How many people are you going to have?  Remember that you need at least one adult.  Have any of the kids played the room before?  This happens, we want to make sure that the entire birthday crew has a great time. While kids don’t mean too, they can be spoilers. They’ll claim to not remember…they always remember.

Are there hints? We want you to have a good time.  If, however, you’re a group of enthusiasts and only want a certain amount of clues, let us know.  Our Game Masters will work hard to make your experience exactly what you are looking for.  We encourage you to play the game and enjoy yourself.  If you knew the answers it wouldn’t be fun to come and play!

Why can’t I book more than the room maximum? We’ve tried this. We explain that the experience is going to be diminished and it doesn’t stop people from calling and expressing their frustration. In 2023 we officially terminated expanding the room beyond the maximum limits to maintain the integrity of our product. Thank you for understanding.


Something came up…Things happen.  We understand.  Give us a call in advance and let us know if we can move your reservation to another day or time.  We have a strict 72-hour cancellation policy.  That cancellation request needs to be in an email.  Phone calls or messages are not sufficient.  Please email us at or We cannot emphasize this enough, out of respect for all parties please do not cancel at the last minute and then make a problem for us, we are holding the slot for you – plan for a successful trip and we’re all good.

None of these things above answer my question. No worries.  Give us a call at 831.241.6616.  Or you can email us at or  We’ll work with you to get answers to your questions right away.