EscapeRoom831 FAQ

Games are $30/person.  If you have a large corporate event (25+ people) give us a call and we can tell you about our Group Rates!

That’s great!  Each room has a maximum number of players to keep the fun peaked during your game time.  Check the room descriptions or booking area to figure out the maximum number of players.  The more the merrier.

Round up at least one friend and bring them along.  If you are in town for business and looking for some escape game fun and want to join another group, give us a call and let us help you find a game.

That is a private booking.  All you need to do is book all the spaces in the room.  If there are 10 spaces and you only have 5 players, you’ll need to book all 10 spaces.  Due to supply and demand we keep our rooms public.

Absolutely.  Make your after-work activities something unique and fun by booking an escape room.

Games are a maximum of 60 minutes.  You may solve everything and get out sooner.  You may not make it out in time.  For the overall experience you should plan on a minimum of 90 minutes with us.

We won’t tell anyone.  Winning is arbitrary in our world.  This is about having fun.  You do have two paths.  One – we can tell you how far you had to go and what was left.  Two – you can decide you want it to remain mysterious and come back and play again.  Yes…people do play again.

Be comfortable.  You aren’t doing any strenuous activity, and you should be comfortable for the time you are with us.  We do have one small ask, leave the high heels at home.  Some of our floors are soft and the heels cut right through them.

Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your start time.  We have parking and staying on schedule is important.  Arriving late could impact other players or require us to cut short your overall game time.

Think of this like buying movie tickets.  We have a certain number of shows that we can run in a day.  To make our schedule work we need to run everything on time.  We ask that you arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled game time.  If you are late that can mean you lose time off your game.  You may also have to forfeit your entire game time and your game fee.

Yes, there is a chance you could be playing with other people.  With limited inventory we have limited time in the day to run games.  If a private experience is what you’re looking for, could we suggest buying all the slots in the room?   It gives you the experience you want and it takes care of our inventory.  Win/Win!

Don’t worry.  We never lock the door.  While the escape game builds on the belief of being locked in a room.  We are here to have fun.  If you need to leave, just step back through the door you entered in initially.  We don’t stop the clock, but you can take all the time you need to refresh.

Good, we are family friendly.  All of our rooms, with the exception of Spellbound, are designed with kids in mind.  Children younger than 9 may not understand the narratives of the story, but they’ll totally get the game.  If you are unsure, give us a call and we can chat about it.

Any player under 15 needs to be accompanied by an adult.  There are no exceptions to that rule.  We love playing games with everyone, and we appreciate having you manage the kids.

Yes.  Here are some things you want to think about.  How many people are you going to have?  Remember that you need at least one adult.  Have any of the kids played the room before?  This happens, we want to make sure that the entire birthday crew has a great time. While kids don’t mean too, they can be spoilers. They’ll claim to not remember…they always remember.

We want you to have a good time.  If, however, you’re a group of enthusiasts and only want a certain amount of clues, let us know.  Our Game Masters will work hard to make your experience exactly what you are looking for.  We encourage you to play the game and enjoy yourself.  If you knew the answers it wouldn’t be fun to come and play!

Things happen.  We understand.  Give us a call in advance and let us know if we can move your reservation to another day or time.  We have a strict 72-hour cancellation policy.  That cancellation requests need to be in an email.  Phone calls or messages are not sufficient.  Please email us at or

No worries.  Give us a call at 831.241.6616.  Or you can email us at christina@escaperoom831.comor  We’ll work with you to get answers to your questions right away.