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Corporate Team Building at Escape Room 831

Team building activities have many benefits. Along with providing the opportunity for your team members to bond and get to know each other, these activities can offer a variety of insights to managers. Investing in a day of team building a few times each year will go a long way in improving the dynamic in the workplace.

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Increase Team Productivity

A great team building activity teaches people how to work together more effectively. Your staff will unlock different skills as they approach the puzzles in our escape rooms. That knowledge transfers to the office environment when your team leaders better understand how to make use of the staff’s gifts and abilities.

Improve Team Communication

Open communication and collaboration are key to solving puzzles in an escape room just as it is key to the success of projects and relationships within your company. Complex team building activities help foster better communication skills in staff and help to develop their ability to co-operate at a higher level. Fun team building events allow your employees to grow closer in a casual environment outside the office which can go a long way towards building trust between staff.

Motivate Employees

Team building activities send a positive message to your staff. It says you care about their success as well as their personal growth. Team building events designed to help them grow and develop new skills show your commitment to your employees. Your staff is likely to reciprocate your investment in them by investing in your business. They take more pride in their work and their workplace.

Problem Solving Skill Development

Escape rooms are all about a simulated problem that needs to be solved. When your team has solved a complex problem in a fun environment, they take those same skills back to the workplace. They will be more adept at working together and more confident in their ability to tackle problems at work.

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Corporate Team Building in Monterey

Escape Room 831 is an excellent option to include in a day of team building activities. We offer discount rates for corporate groups, and with five exciting escape rooms to choose from, you won’t have any trouble finding a challenge the whole team will enjoy. Each room has a different theme. Get lost down the rabbit hole in Alice’s Dream, break the witch’s curse in Spellbound, or join a team of investigators in Bank Heist. No matter what room you choose, there will be plenty of opportunities for your team to bond, learn, grow, and have loads of fun.

Are you ready to take team building to the next level? If you’re in the Monterey Bay area, consider making your booking today! Contact us to learn more about our discount corporate rates.

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“Amazing team building experience! Lots of fun! Can’t wait to go back! Their staff was very professional and made sure to answer all of our questions before we headed into the room.”​ Rebekah C

“We are always looking for an outside team building activity and this was the perfect activity. It was so much fun and everyone from our office loved solving clues and it really relieved the stress of work. I would tell my friends and family to visit the Escape Room whether it be for a family activity, friend night out or for team building. It’s just way cool!” Joy A

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